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Prodigy innovated the advertising industry’s first SaaMS™ (Software as Managed Service) platform using AI technology to eliminate 100% of data entry burdens on the part of marketers, ad agencies and suppliers.

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Launched in 2020 during the pandemic, Prodigy initially helped empower remote workers by centralizing and aggregating production business operations that live in email, Excel and Google docs. Using AI and machine learning, Prodigy ingests project details so that zero data entry burdens are placed on marketers, ad agencies or suppliers. Prodigy users simply review dashboards and run reports with data visualization tools in real-time for TV, digital, social, print, photography, OOH and experiential production data insights.

Early adopters of Prodigy included Mastercard and Verizon, who provided brand-side input into product design and capability prior to the product being launched widely as subscription-based SaaMS™ solution. Prodigy’s use has since been expanded across the Automotive, Financial Services, Gaming, Media & Entertainment and Telecom & Technology marketing sectors globally.

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