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Introducing Prodigy: All of your data, none of the data entry

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

PostAds Group introduces Prodigy, its marketing production data platform for content creators. Initially an internal system supporting the company's global consulting operations, the cloud-based product is now available to content creators as a stand-alone subscription-based service.

Prodigy is a software as a managed service (SaaMS) solution for clients, where PostAds Group ingests production and post-production spend, cost and job details so that zero data entry burdens are placed on subscribers; users simply access their project dashboards for review and run reports with data visualization options in real-time. Project dashboards are created for TV, digital, social, print, photography, and OOH productions via a visual interface with thumbnail images for each project. Advanced intuitive search capability makes for an ease-of-use experience and well organized historical archive. The system also provides an Estimate versus Actual interface to track production costs, suppliers and ROI savings.

"The rapid transition to remote working has accelerated the need for production teams to have an easily accessible and shareable database of information," said John Lipuma, CEO of PostAds Group. "Prodigy has helped us automate decades-old legacy production admin processes that still live in email inboxes, Excel spreadsheets and Google Docs; the timing has never been better to provide new automation tools so our industry can emerge from the current crisis and hit the ground running."

Prodigy arrives as an immediate solution in a time of necessity. Recent data shows that businesses and consumers have "vaulted five years forward" in digital adoption over the first eight weeks of the COVID-19 crisis, sighting examples such as banking online, grocery store online ordering and delivery, schools using online learning and digital classrooms, doctors delivering telemedicine and so on. Additionally the levels of remote working are likely to remain higher than during pre-crisis times. (McKinsey Digital "The COVID-19 Recovery Will be Digital", May 2020). Expanding the use of Prodigy to content creators provides better work tools commensurate with the new ways of working.

"In designing Prodigy we had the luxury of developing the product as an internal system with the input of our existing clients' marketing, sourcing and agency ecosystems for two years," said Mark Dunn, COO of PostAds Group. "Our decision to offer this as a managed service sets us apart from most software-only options which fail under the weight of having too many moving parts needed to maintain data entry and data integrity, not to mention the constant turnover and retraining of user groups across organizations. Ultimately our clients need real-time dashboards with clean data on which to analyze, strategize and report. Similar to how many of us access our personal credit card data on a web interface where we can analyze and run custom reports on our spending, as cardholders we're not responsible for inputting the data itself. That's the kind of true automation our clients are looking for and we've delivered it with Prodigy."

A longtime leader in the advertising production automation space, PostAds Group was the first consultancy to implement a production bid platform globally for Mastercard across McCann agencies in North America, Europe and Latin America, including McCann's in-house production arm Craft Worldwide. The release of Prodigy to provide streamlined enterprise-wide production spending and strategic reporting is the next frontier on which PostAds Group is revolutionizing industry practices.

Valerie Light, former Manager Broadcast Production at Verizon and former Co-Chair of the Association of National Advertisers Production Management Committee, joined PostAds Group’s Advisory Board providing her client-side expertise. “The managed service component of Prodigy is critical for seamless client adoption, as very few clients have the time and resources to maintain full-time data entry duties in addition to day-to-day responsibilities,” she said. “At the same time, once PostAds Group has ingested all of the spend and cost data into the platform, clients still have the ability within their accounts to edit or add data as they see fit. As a former brand-side client, to have all of the production data but none of the data entry duties is true added value, besides all of the other reporting bells and whistles that come with it.”

For PostAds Group production clients, the costs for Prodigy are incorporated into its consulting fees. With the external release of Prodigy, new customers can subscribe to the the platform as a stand-alone product for a monthly fee that includes PostAds Group’s managed service and data entry support.

Visit for more information and schedule a demo of Prodigy.

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