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Mastercard debuts AI-based VFX Lionel Messi Ad in 23 markets; Prodigy provides Asset Reuse Data

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Mastercard debuted its groundbreaking Lionel Messi ad "The Journey Continues" using AI-based neural rendering Visual Effects technology to de-age the legendary footballer in telling the story of his emigrating from Argentina to Spain as a thirteen-year old prodigy. This technology was provided by The Mill and marks the first-time use of neural rendering in a TV commercial. The ad, created by McCann, is currently being used in 23 markets around the world across North America, Europe, Middle East, Latin-America and Asia-Pacific regions.

Prodigy, the cloud-based production data platform, is utilized by Mastercard to centralize and aggregate global production activity and cost details. All global production project data is ingested into Prodigy through an innovative SaaMS (Software as a Managed Service) solution using AI technology, machine learning and production data curators so that no data entry is required by Mastercard, ad agencies or suppliers. Creative briefs, agency estimates, supplier bids, project budgeting, production calendars and campaign deliverables are all maintained within Prodigy so that data analysis on production costs are available to marketing and agency relations stakeholders for actionable business intelligence. KPI's include use of Diverse Suppliers, Sustainable Production Methods, Rate Benchmarking and Asset Reuse.

Asset Reuse has become an increasingly important metric for global advertisers, where a campaign such as Mastercard's "The Journey Continues" can be adapted and localized for dozens of global markets when brand ambassadors such as Messi are known throughout the world. By creating content with wide global appeal, Asset Reuse inevitably delivers cost saving efficiencies that can be realized throughout the organization leveraging a single production serving global markets.

Prodigy's platform tracks the use of global assets and the costs of both the original production and those incurred in local markets for adaptations. Global marketers are increasingly using data analysis to understand the impact of Asset Reuse on production budgets and efficiency KPI's. Within Prodigy there are custom dashboards with data visualization tools via its integration with Tableau so that marketing stakeholders have real-time visibility into all of their productions around the world.

Prodigy was launched in 2020 by PostAds Group (, the global production consultancy and MarTech incubation company.

Currently Prodigy has over $715 million in production project data from 77 brands and 34 ad agencies on its platform. Over 4,800 supplier bid documents have been ingested across 556 production and post-production suppliers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific territories. The Prodigy Stats page tracks the aggregated client usage of the platform, including the # of projects, # of deliverables/production assets created, geographic location of production shoots as well as well as Top 10 lists for Business Outcomes, Prodigy Tech Innovations and the Most Requested Data Reports from leading marketers.

Visit the Prodigy Stats data visualization page at

For more on Mastercard's "The Journey Continues" campaign read the link below:

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