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Prodigy Sets Single Year Highs for Projects & Production Spend Data Managed in AI Platform

Prodigy, the cloud-based production data platform with AI technology, had its third consecutive year of double-digit growth in the number of projects ingested into the platform and the amount of annual production spend managed in the system.

"Our growth has been driven by the continued adoption of our technology by the world's largest brands and advertising agencies," said John Lipuma, CEO and co-founder of Prodigy. "We've replaced manual data entry with AI to handle the project ingest process; this was the game-changer allowing marketers to quickly transition to the platform and start realizing the benefits of real-time visibility and analysis of their production spend data."

Prodigy received 300% more projects into the platform versus 2021 and in January 2023 expects to hit the $1 billion mark in total production spend data managed in the platform, representing 95 brands and 45 ad agencies from production shoots in 60 cities around the world. Project types span across TV, Social, Digital, Experiential, Photography, Print, Sponsorship and OOH mediums in North America, Europe, Latin America, South America, Middle East and Asia-Pacific territories.

"What's exciting about increasing the volume of project types and production spending inside the platform are the data analytics resulting from having such a wide range of scenarios," said Mark Dunn, Prodigy's COO and lead architect of the platform. "Our data warehouse hosts everything from Super Bowl shoots, Academy Awards red carpet social captures, automotive You Tube walk arounds and running footage, celebrity chef food footage stills, high-end VFX and Edit-only jobs, airport digital out-of-home and even restaurant pop-up build costs. Every imaginable marketing project can be brought into Prodigy for data ingest, analysis, benchmarking, strategic insights and actionable intelligence for cost optimization."

In addition to offering production data, marketers also use Prodigy to track corporate Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), such as DE&I supplier initiatives and Sustainability tracking for AdGreen net zero emission production goals.

Product enhancements introduced in 2022 include Budget Companion (connecting production data to incumbent marketer financial systems) and Production Calendar (dynamic calendar features for campaign projects with links to director websites),

appealing to the variety of Prodigy user constituents whether they be financial, purchasing or marketing production business owners.

Prodigy also upped its Data Visualization (aka "Data Viz") game in 2022, expanding on its integration with Tableau to create bespoke data dashboards and scorecards in collaboration with the respective CMO organizations who utilize the platform.

Visit to schedule a demo of Prodigy and learn more about using our innovative SaaMS (Software as a Managed Service) solution with AI technology to optimize your marketing operations through the strategic use of production data.

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