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Prodigy@ANA Sept 15: Moderating Production Data Panel with Ford Motors, Mastercard & Verizon

Prodigy will be moderating the ANA Production Management Committee session "Tracking & Analyzing Production Costs" on September 15. Committee members from Ford, Mastercard and Verizon will share insights on their current production data journeys using Prodigy, the cloud-based production data platform with AI technology.

The speaker line-up is as follows:

Laura Busino, Head of Content Production, US Integrated Marketing Communications, Ford Motor Company

Debra Hedgecock, Director Media Planning & Agency Relations, Mastercard

Brendan O'Malley, Sr. Manager, Broadcast Production – Verizon and Production Management Committee Co-Chair

Moderator: John Lipuma, Co-founder & CEO, Prodigy, Prodigy by PostAds Group

Prodigy uses an innovative SaamS (Software as a Managed Service) solution to outperform traditional SaaS models by eliminating data entry on the part of users using AI technology and machine learning. By allowing marketers to effortlessly capture, analyze and aggregate production data project information from ad agencies, Prodigy has led the industry in taking a giant step forward in enabling marketer visibility into their global production data and accessing for analysis, reporting and strategic insights.

Visit the ANA Production Management Committee session link for more information:

Visit Prodigy at

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