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Prodigy's Seamless Integrations: Box, Tableau & Ad-ID automate workflow to unleash production data

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Prodigy, the cloud-based production data storytelling SaaMS platform with AI technology, enhances marketer workflow automation via its integrations with Box, Tableau and Ad-ID.

All three (3) API integrations are seamless to users and available as single sign-on (SSO) features within Prodigy at no extra cost. More importantly, each integration contributes significant automation in three different stages of a marketer's production workflow.

At the outset of a production project, users upload production job jackets into a customized Prodigy portal for a simple "drag and drop" feature into Prodigy's Box document workflow; projects are created automatically in the Prodigy app where project details are ingested into the platform using AI and machine learning technology. Not a single keystroke of data entry is necessary for marketers, ad agencies or suppliers thanks to Prodigy's innovative SaaMS (Software as a Managed Service) solution.

As production projects are added to the Prodigy platform, our Tableau reporting templates are designed to provide real-time access to production storytelling data; all project information within the Prodigy app at any given time are available via data visualization dashboards integrated with Tableau, with the ability of users to generate and pull their own reports into PDF, Power Point and Excel documents as needed without having to make special requests of Prodigy team members (who are still on-hand should ad hoc reports be needed).

At the completion of a production, all the newly created assets and deliverables are automatically accessible via Prodigy's integration with Ad-ID, the advertising industry's standard asset identification database. Users can query the Ad-ID database within the Prodigy app, which correctly associates all the TV, digital, social, radio, print and photography assets with the costs of the production so marketers can analyze their "Cost by Asset" data for each production.

Prodigy's seamless API integrations bring revolutionary changes to the advertising industry's still largely manual production workflow process. Prior attempts to automate production data collection and workflow using off-the-shelf SaaS systems failed because they required large stakeholder groups to handle their own data entry - for which frontline production teams have little time to do while amid time-consuming integrated productions. Prodigy has proven to be a welcomed life support system for the advertising production industry by taking data entry burdens completely off agency and supplier stakeholders - while at the same time delivering never-before-possible marketer visibility and analysis into the granular cost details of their production spending.

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