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Prodigy Adds Tylie Tandem Integration to Production Platform for Asset Delivery & Media Data Sets

Prodigy, the cloud-based production data platform with AI technology and Tylie Tandem (,­­ the cross-screen order management and DAM solution, have integrated their platforms to include new media and asset-related data enhancement of content production supply chains.

The integration enables marketers to see critical "downstream" asset delivery data that occurs after a production project is completed. Once TV, digital and social video assets are produced, the finished assets are then delivered to broadcast, social and digital platforms for airing. Tylie Ad Solutions is a leading provider of global ad management and delivery services for all types of media, working with some of the world’s largest marketers and agencies. Combining Prodigy's production, post-production and talent cost data with Tylie Tandem's asset delivery information in a single holistic view is a critical step in measuring marketing efficiency.

"Our integration with Tylie Tandem furthers our commitment of 'zero data entry' for users of Prodigy," said Mark Dunn, co-founder/COO of Prodigy by PostAds Group. "As marketers seek to enhance their data combining production costs with assets and media performance, we've seamlessly integrated Tylie Tandem’s additional data streams via our open API platform. Our mutual customers can immediately leverage these enhanced data sets via our respective platforms to further drive marketing efficiency."

“In addition to being the newest and most flexible platform on the market, Tylie Tandem was designed with the user in mind. From its clean, intuitive UX to its network flexibility and open integration architecture, we built Tylie Tandem with the goal of enhancing client workflows,” says Tylie President, Tyler Savage. “This integration with Prodigy is an extension of that design philosophy.”

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