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Seek AI And Prodigy Forge New Partnership Enhancing Data Access For Brand Marketers

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Platform integration unlocks a new way for marketing and media professionals to get answers from data through generative AI.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 18, 2023 / Seek AI, a developer of generative AI for data solutions, today announced the integration of its natural language database service (NLDS) technology into Prodigy, a cloud-based production data platform from PostAds Group, a privately-held MarTech incubation company. The strategic integration marks a significant milestone, empowering brand marketers with access to advanced data insights and intelligence for more impactful decision-making.

Prodigy is offered as a SaaMS™(Software as a Managed Service) to global marketers to centralize and aggregate marketing production data for analytics reporting. Using AI to ingest production project information, the system has won widespread adoption by eliminating manual data entry of previous SaaS-based solutions. The integration of Seek's natural language to SQL software to the platform expands access to the data and ability to answer ad hoc questions far beyond standard Tableau reporting templates.

"Prodigy and Seek share the mutual philosophies of ensuring business teams get correct answers from their data, not just providing AI for users to self-navigate and figure out on their own," says Sarah Nagy, founder and CEO of Seek AI. "We worked together to train the AI models on the data, so marketers have a battle-tested toolset. Its capacity to derive insights from data is poised to deliver immediate value, supported by a model supervisor-a human in the loop-to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the answers provided."

Seek AI uses a proprietary system of models for natural language processing of structured data called SEEKER-1. The unique semantic network architecture is used to support reinforcement and in-context learning and is powerful enough to understand natural language commands and generate high-quality SQL code to instantly query databases. MiniSeek, a simplified version of SEEKER-1, is the first model to surpass 90% accuracy on the Spider leaderboard and top the leaderboard for exact matching evaluation. Seek's technology adapts to each customer's environment and each team's usage patterns.

"Ad hoc questions have surged because users are not familiar with data, leaving a customer base hungry for deeper insights," says Mark Dunn, COO of Prodigy. "Traditional data templates like Tableau serve their purpose; but the demand is for more, and, with the integration of Seek's NLP technology, this platform delivers."

Individuals across an organization can now effortlessly extract answers from data, marking the true democratization of information. Moving beyond mere data queries to analytical questions, the platform gives users immediate access to invaluable insights, eliminating the need for external consultants. This shift brings business intelligence directly in-house, enabling agile decision-making and driving organizational growth.

For more information on how to embed an AI data analyst powered by Seek AI into existing products, visit

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Seek AI is on a mission to democratize data access and break through the information barriers that impede business efficiency. Leveraging proprietary generative AI models and code generation, the simple, accurate and secure platform allows users across organizations to easily request and instantly access vital data. Seek AI aims to eliminate the daily obstacles facing knowledge workers while freeing up data teams by automating routine coding tasks-ultimately optimizing the utilization of organizational data at scale. Learn more at


PostAds Group is a privately-held MarTech incubation company and parent company of Prodigy, the production data storytelling platform with AI technology for global marketers. Founded in 2007, PostAds Group has provided production consulting to Fortune 500 companies in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific territories. For more information, visit


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